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               There’s a special sort of magic in the air…

                                                                                                             A presence of greatness

                                                                                               A feeling that something wonderful

is about to b e g i n.

                                 ✩ spellbound*— A DISNEY ROLEPLAY ✩

            Spellbound* is an epic, multi-plot driven prose-only roleplay where writers can come to bring their favorite characters to life with others through stories of adventure and depth— all while honing their craft and making lasting friends in an open and caring environment. Spellbound* is more than just a Disney roleplay — it’s an experience.

                Do what the figures of our childhood stories did — answer the questions that we’ve all asked and more. Thwart dastardly deeds, dash the hero’s hopes; did the villain ever get revenge? and what ever happened to happily ever after

The story is in your hands.

                                       [   ❝ It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. ❞  ]


Final version!!!!

Thanks for waiting and notes.

Love you guys and OF COURSE!!


"A writer is a world trapped in a person."

—Victor Hugo (via castielsunderpants)

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