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Atlantis/Treasure Planet Part I: The Journey [x]


(Decided to do something a little different :3 I know it isn’t CGI but I thought this might be fun to post too!)

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On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you think I understand the character I roleplay?

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Spellbound Development Challenge

Day One: Describe the relationship your character has with their parents.

  Leland Hawkins and Sarah Hawkins were the first human couple to give birth to a human child outside of their home planet. They were happy together for the first few years of his life. Then dad wasn’t coming around as often. His mom said he was always “at work” on another planet. Then eventually he stopped coming home. His mother was a mess. Jim tried to be there for her as much as he could. 

  His mother is very precious to him. If he were to lose her, he’s certain he would lose it himself. She’s wiped his nose, tucked him in, taught him about Earth, and tried to shape him into a responsible lad. Unfortunately that didn’t really happen until he was age fifteen, but her hard work paid off in the long run. Now her boy is off saving the planet she loved so much, planet Earth.



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Jim Hawkins, you’re doing it wrong…

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outofcosmos { WE GOT A MORPH! I still can’t believe I have the privilege of writing with a Morph roleplayer! This is so exciting! I can’t stop grinning! I feel very lucky to have this opportunity because it’s difficult to find fellow Treasure Planet characters to rp with. I’ve always wanted a Morph to interact with. jgldfkgjlfdghjkdfgh so happy! }

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